DIRECTV Authorized Dealer and Installation Service

Coastal Innovations is the authorized dealer of DIRECTV in Rockport. With our dealership and installation services, you can experience entertainment in a whole new way.


If you want to enjoy your favorite shows at home with a mind-blowing HD experience, DIRECTV is the perfect satellite TV for you. With over 315 channels, DIRECTV offers a range of programs ideal for viewers of all ages and interests. With a selection of packages, you can gain access to international sports, news, and entertainment channels. This interesting mix of excellent picture quality and level-up programming makes DIRECTV a one-of-a-kind TV provider. No one delivers a more complete entertainment experience than DIRECTV.

Why Coastal Innovations?

As a local expert in multimedia integration services, Coastal Innovations is your go-to company when it comes to your audio/video needs. With our expertise in setting up efficient audio/video systems in residential and commercial properties, we can effectively install DIRECTV in your place. Our tech designers can also integrate a surround sound system or any upgrades to your entertainment system during our DIRECTV installation in your Rockport home or office.

With DIRECTV, we will help you improve your home TV experience or grow your business by attracting entertainment-loving customers. Get a quote today and let us provide you with a unique DIRECTV experience!

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