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Every Room Has The Making Of A Theater. Let Us Design Yours!

Coastal Innovations is a team of custom technology designers dedicated to helping homeowners and commercial establishments incorporate the latest automated, intuitive technology products into both homes and business. We offer the convenience of indoor, outdoor, home theater, audio, video, lighting, temperature control and security at your finger tips.

Our expert team will work with you to ensure that your newly installed flat screen HDTV is producing the best possible calibrated picture and a distributed audio system that has the highest quality sound achievable in a space with lighting and security controls that are automated. All of this can include remote access so that a home or business is safe, secure and remotely viewable or accessible. A system we design and install is intuitive and simple to use - from a complicated restaurant or sports bar project featuring a multi flat screen TV system to a comfortable home theater, with HDTV and surround sound designed for entertaining guests in style and comfort.  Give us a call today at
361-729-1345  to schedule your consultation.

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